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而短短的几个月,这么快又被封,也是因为“操纵”评价,但是我们不可能犯一样的错,也不会用很明显的词。但是我们一个客服,自作聪明,有个客户因为她说的一个“give me a hand”给了改了好评后,她就每个客户都这样么说,结果被抓了。而我之前跟他们说要用不同词交换这用,却忘记了。





Dear Seller Performance team,

We are regret to violate the review policy. After we got your notification, we deep dived all our communication Our after-sales department sent after-sale service emails to customers to resolve their question and to apologize for their unhappy experience. After carefully review “Customer Review policy” and “Communication Guidelines”, we clear the role and policy for how to communicate with customer correctly. As a seller on Amazon, it’s prohibited to ask our customers to  remove or update their reviews proactively.


After we hear back from customers, we will issue a full refund or a replacement per customer’s choice to make them happy with our service.

The sample emails is as below:

Dear Drew.

Thank for your response and your willingness to try our product once again.

So we have chosen the expedited shipping to send you a new one, which will arrive on around Dec.8.

Please remember to check your parcel on time.

And we are really sorry for the misleading product description for that there may exist some cultural misunderstandings.

We will recompose the description as soon as possible. 

Thanks for your kind suggestion!

Best Regards

After-sale Support Team – Anne


We are trying our best to provide the best shopping experience to our buyers.

Here are the plan of action:

1 ) Provide better customer service. If there is a customer negative review of our products, we will actively solve this problem, we will understand the customer’s problem in the first place, then we will apologize to customer, and finally we will replace it without return or refund according to their request.

2) For correcting the mistakes of our after-sales department, we organized a meeting for all employees in our company and make everything on the same page for 1) We will not offer refund or other compensation to a reviewer in exchange for changing or removing customers’ review. 2)We will not ask for reviews only from buyers who had a positive experience or attempt to divert buyers who had a negative experience to a different feedback mechanism. And 3) We will monitor reviews regularly and reach out to customers to resolve product or service issues. However, we will not ask customers to change or remove their review, even after an issue is resolved.


All employees will have mandatory study for  Amazon Community Guidelines to  ensure all of them has a clear understanding of prohibit activities. We believe that investing in a knowledgeable and informed sales team reflects our commitment to quality and service. We also established a special monitor department with 3 employees, the scope of work includes check the email exchange between our service team and buyers/other, email address and content which must be uniformly managed by Monitor Department.  


We have acknowledged the violation we made.We guarantee that we won’t make the same mistake again in the future.

Thank you for your consideration.



好,基本情况这样写就可以。当然如果你们真遇到了,可以找我帮你审查一下申诉邮件也行哦,毕竟我们是有经验了T-T 。当然有个前提条件,就是你违规不严重,不收费,放心!

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