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五点描述的作用卖点是 Listing 中仅次于标题的内容,它也是亚马逊识别 Listing 与关键词相关的重要部分,具体作用如下:

  • 展示优势:在众多的五点描述展示里,差异化是产品卖点的核心,亚马逊上面那么多卖家,产品那么多,买家为什么要选择你?就是要通过差异化突出你的优势。短短的几句话,覆盖到消费者所有的关切点,也可以大大提高转化率。
  • 解决疑虑:Bullet points展示的是产品的相关信息,能够帮助顾客解决对产品的一些疑虑。
  • 促进消费:Bullet points就是描述产品的卖点,能让顾客一眼看上去就被吸引,从而提高顾客下单的几率。Bullet points的字数不多,阅读起来十分方便,并且简洁易懂。它的存在更像是一个摘要,顾客能快速浏览,迅速地知道这个产品的功能、用处以及特别的地方。
  • 还有一个最重要的原因:五点描述与亚马逊搜索的标题和一般关键字一起编入索引。因此,通过在五点描述中使用关键字,您可以优化您的亚马逊列表并提供更高的可见性。



例一:L型书桌产品描述:“If you have spacelimitations, the compact ‘L’ desk is a great alternative(如果你的房间空间有限,那么L型桌子能非常好的解决你的空间问题)”。

例二:勃朗宁折刀:“We arealways looking for knives with unusual locks, especially those that seem tooffer a better way of releasing the lock. This knife from Browning fits thatbill(我们一直在寻找带有独特刀锁的折刀,特别是刀刃可以更顺利开合的,而这款勃朗宁折刀真好满足了这一需求)”。



例一:麦克风描述:“Singersabsolutely love the sound of this mic! Speakers love the depth and clarity itgives their voice!(歌手们、演讲者们都会爱上这个麦克风发出的声音,深沉而清晰)。

例二:坚果描述:“Nut loversand tin collectors rejoice. We’ve packed a Great Pumpkin design tin with 6smaller tins of honey roast peanuts, pistachios, spicy peanuts, cashews, fancymixed nuts and smoked almonds(坚果爱好者和罐头收集者们可以嗨起来了。我们准备了一个很棒的南瓜型罐头,里面放了6个小罐子,分别放了烤花生、开心果、花生、腰果、混合坚果和熏杏仁)”。



例一:服装描述:“Thirtyyears ago, we introduced a warm, double-layer shirt inspired by the onesnorth-woods log drivers wore to stay warm through long, damp days working onthe river (30年前,我们推出了一款温暖的双层衬衫,衬衫的灵感,来自北方森林原木司机工作时为了抵御漫长潮湿天气穿的那种保暖衬衫)”。

例二:雨伞描述:“Originallydeveloped by an awning manufacturer, the heavy-duty 6-oz. cotton also resistswind and will repel the moisture of a light drizzle(这款产品是一个雨篷制造商开发的,采用了6盎司的棉花,放风又防雨)”。



例一:“This year,our wind-tunnel tested Slice Aero frame is 50 grams lighter than last year(今年经过优化,我们的Slice Aero框经风动测试,比之前轻了50克)” 。

例二:“Before now,it was very expensive to print full-color, professional-quality album insertsin quantities less than 300. Those days are over. Now you can get beautifulalbum inserts that won’t break your budget!(过去全彩印专业品质的相册价格非常贵,但现在你可以得到非常漂亮的相簿,价格绝对不会超过你的预算)”。



例:“Seven justbecame your lucky number. Don’t believe in luck? You will after you get yourhands on this sensational snack collection [It has seven ingredients.](7会成为你的幸运数字。这款小吃有7种成分,得到它会给你带来好远)”。


例一:“You’ll findyourself reaching for them any time the weather turns chilly(你会发现只要天气变冷,你就会不自觉的需要它)”。

例二:斜纹棉布裤:“When theweather calls for shorts but the occasion doesn’t, these lightweight chinos arean ideal alternative(天气转热但你想去的场合又不适合穿短裤怎么办?这款轻薄的斜纹棉布裤是你理想的选择)。”

例三:“Perfect forrewarding a team for a job well done or top performers for contributing themost to the company’s annual profits(如果你的团队在这一年度表现很棒,那么买这款产品奖励你的团队成员再合适不过了)”。


例:“The look ofreal wood without the maintenance, thanks to a durable scratch- andstain-resistant laminate finish (归功于产品所采用的叠层加工工艺,人们能再欣赏产品实木外观的同时,无需担心日常的划痕或污渍问题)”。


例:“These pantsmay look like wool, but they’re actually made of ultra-soft cotton foritch-free comfort all season long(这条裤子看起来像羊毛的,但实际上是用超柔软的棉花制成,能给你带了一整个冬季的舒适感,并且你还可以免受羊毛带来的瘙痒)”。


例:“Combineselegance with the durability, versatility and functionality needed by today’soffice(产品将优雅的风格与现代办公室所需要的耐用性、通用性和功能性结合在了一起,外观和实际需要都得到了满足)”。


例:“The rich bison leather of our finest hands ewns will remind youof the classic hunting lodges of the past, as will the timeless comfort oftheir hand-stitched construction(我们的产品是用野牛皮手工缝制的,野牛皮的质感让人不禁联想到丛林的狩猎时光,细致手工缝制针脚将给你带来永恒的舒适感)”。


例一:“We’veworked with Smith Optics to create a pair of polarized sunglasses with the bestfeatures for outdoor sports at a terrific price(我们与Smith Optics公司合作,共同为户外运动爱好者们打造了一幅功能非常强大的偏光太阳镜,而且价格非常优惠)”。

例二:“We workedwith traditional European shoemakers to design high-quality clogs that providenatural, lasting comfort – at a great price(我们与欧洲的传统制鞋商合作,设计出高质量的厚底木屐,为消费者提供自然、持久的舒适感,而且鞋子价格非常美丽)”。


例一:“You caneven leave the center pole at home and simply hang the center peak of the tentfrom a limb for a lightweight spike camp(你甚至可以把帐篷中心的柱子放在家里,在野外的时候直接把帐篷挂在树枝上,就可以搭建你的小天地了)”。

例二:“Thedurable style of Ambience allows you to start small and add pieces as youroffice changes(良好且持久的风格允许你随着办公室的变化,慢慢添置新物件)”。


例一:“This is souniversally useful that you will want one in your desk drawer, one for yourhunting gear and of course one in the tool drawer in your kitchen(你在很多地方都会用得到它,你会想书桌抽屉里、狩猎工具袋里、厨房工具抽屉里都放一个)”。

例二:“Our giftcertificates can dissolve your holiday shopping dilemmas in a moment, sincethey’re good for any of our pampering services for women or men. Buy ten at atime and we’ll even give you a 5% discount off the total dollar value(我们的礼券可以在瞬间解决你的假日购物难题,因为我们的礼券适用于所有用户,您每购买10样产品,还能得到5%的折扣)”。


例一:“Just unroll this portable multipurpose blanket anywhere youradventures take you (不论你到哪里,只要展开这款便携式多功能毛毯就可以使用了)”。

例二:“A simple tap illuminates the clock for night viewing(只要轻敲一下,就能打开时钟的夜视模式)”。


例一:“It’s calledSimplicity for a reason — simple to order, simple to assemble and simple toexpand as your needs grow (它之所以叫做‘Simplicity’是因为这款产品从订购到组装、扩展都非常简单)”。

例二:“The name[Comfort Mocs] says it all — we’re sure you’ll agree just as soon as you slipon a pair(产品之所以叫做‘ComfortMocs’,相信只要你穿上它就能理解了)”。


例一:“Not asreliable as the Professional Premium, but has a good frequency response. Goodfor voice and limited music duplication(虽然无法与专业设备相提并论,但也拥有非常优良的频率响应,非常适合录音)”。


例一:“Because thisset is made in Böker’s factory in Argentina which is experiencing a terribleeconomic situation, the price is extremely good(这款设备是在位于阿根廷的工厂生产的,那边经济形势严峻,因而价格良好)”。

例二:“Our Fridaylunchtime special massage costs just $20 because the massage therapists in thattime slot are students in their final 100 hours of training(我们周五午餐时间的按摩费用只需20美元,因为在那个时间段的按摩师是学生)”

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