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Dear Madam and Sir,

Thank you for giving us a chance to make plans about detail solutions.

We reviewed the reason for buyer return and checked the buyer E-mails in the last 6 months. At the same time, we picked up several A to check all components of the product. Finally we determined the cause of the problem: packaging!

We all know that people who use A do usually need B as well, so we thought of selling this suit for those need A and B. But they were wholesaled separately on the Market, so we opened the bags and put B in. We also added some simple instructions for buyer more convenient to use. This caused the package to reopen, left traces. But that was opened by ourselves, and we haven’t seal it properly. Rather than Used Item Sold as New.(Please refer to attached picture)

Due to the problem, we know the package led to our customer misunderstanding, we will clarify on the description that they were not Used Item, but the package was opened once to add some accessories.

The A set are purchased from a trusted supplier, and we pack all of our product on their factory by ourselves. At the same time, we check the quality of each product. The pictures of product on Amazon 0are the same as our product, there’s no ambiguity.

Then we will check our store other product, if there the same problem here. We also will hold an emergency meeting to inform all staff about this problem and organize them to study policy, in case something like this comes up again.

We will take the following plans to correct our mistakes and comply with the requirements of Amazon:
1.When deliver a batch of goods next time, we will use new packing bags to replace original one, and we promise this problem wont comes up again.

2.We reviewed the policies and rules about Poly bags on Amazon. After learning, we know that all products must be well-packed. By the way, for specific size of poly bags, must add a choke warning label. We will pay more attention to these problem in the future.

3.We will check all the listings in our account, whether there is any products which does not meet Amazon’s requirements, and we will correct them immediately. Any complaints or product issues we will reply and solve them in proper way within 24h in favor of the customer’s rights.

4.We have setup rules in our company that all of our products must be well-packed, review Amazon’s new policy regularly, would not violate any Amazon policies and American Laws before adding to our inventory and list on Amazon. We will check whether there are any violations in the store regularly, and consult seller support for the uncertain problems. Guarantee the best experience for our customers.

In the last 9 months since our store opened, we have developed good products for great buyer experience, and try to offer best service for Amazon customers. We will also try our best to sell on Amazon in the future.

Thank you very much for pointing out our problems, and give us a chance to correct our problem. We are apologize for our carelessness. We really cherish being able to sell products on amazon, and will keep improving our service so as to making buyers satisfied on this excellent e-commerce platform. Considering that we have taken these practical actions to correct our problems and improve the situation, we would be very appreciated if you can give us a chance to active our listing ( ASIN: …). We are still full of hope for Amazon.

Look forward for your kindly reply.


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